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Hello Mount Vernon Coaches/Volunteers,

When applying for this years background check you will be required by Washington Youth Soccer Associations and Clubs to complete 3 Compliance Certificates, as required by Federal and State laws. There is NO financial cost to you for the Compliance Certifications.

Compliance Certifications are as follows:

  1. Safe Sport (SS
  2. Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA)
  3. Concussion Compliance (CC)

At the completion of each course you will be given a certificate.  Please save this certificate to your computer and upload to your account or during the background check process and coach registration. If you need help uploading your certificates please call Affinity Customer Support 1-888-213-3999.

Please, see below for instructions to complete each certificate.

Thank you for volunteering!!!

 If you have any issues during this process and need further assistance please let us know.

Why do I need to complete all of the certificates?

  • These certificates are mandated by federal and state laws, along with US Soccer and USYS. Washington Youth Soccer's goal is to be the top association and make soccer the preeminent sport in the USA. These extra safety precautions are a step in that direction.
  • If you do not have a current approved background check, you will not have any access to teams or administrative functions in Affinity.

SafeSport Certification

New Volunteer Website:

Organization: US Soccer
Access Code: 'Email [email protected] or [email protected] for access code"

- Register your LEGAL First Name and Last Name
- Verify your name and email MATCH your Affinity profile (for background check)
- The initial (first time) training does not need to be done all at once. It takes about 3 hours to complete.
You will have 3 training sections to watch.
• Emotional and Physical Misconduct
• Sexual Misconduct Awareness Education
• Mandatory Reporting.

Returning Volunteer Website:
- Refresher training-takes 15-20 minutes.
• Please go to Your Actives and take the Refresher 1: Recognizing and Reporting Misconduct or if you're in year 3 of taking SafeSport take Refresher 2.

Concussion Certification & Sudden Cardiac Arrest Certification

Concussion (CC) and Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) trainings are taken on the same website

Read below for steps or click here for a PDF walkthrough with pictures.

1. Sign In or Click Register
3. Verify your Email Address
4. Click on My Courses
5. Click Go To Courses
6. Set your search filters to Coach
7. Search for either Concussion in Sports or Sudden Cardiac Arrest
8. Place cursor over the Free! training and click
9. Click on VIEW COURSE
10. Select Washington from the dropdown
11. Click on Order Course
12. Select Myself and click continue
13. Click on Checkout
14. Click agree
15. Click Continue
16. Once you have both courses save to My Courses, return to the Dashboard/My Courses
 Watch both videos and download the certificates to your computer, upon completion of each course.
• If you need to stop during either training, you can do so by clicking on return to Dashboard. 

Background check *New method*

Submitting Training Certificates and Background Check:

1. Click “Volunteer” on the left side of the screen
2. Check the box for one of trainings
3. Click on Renew & Update

4. Click the Risk Status Box
5. Click Renew and Update

6. In the pop-up window –enter your Social Security Number
7. Click Submit
8. It will then ask you if you want to proceed with the background check
You MUST click submit again to confirm

You will receive a message that your background check has been submitted and your Risk Status will be Pending Verification. It can take a minimum 48 hours for your background check to complete. You can log back into your profile a check the status.

Risk Management Application (RMA) approval *old method*


Read below for steps or click here for a PDF walkthrough with pictures.

1. Login or Create New Account
*If you have tried to reset your password and are having issues contact Affinity Customer Support 888-213-3999
2. Click Continue
3. Click Registrar as Coach/Admin
5. Click on the small photo box- larger boxes will appear
• Please read the labels in the upload boxes and upload the proper certificates in proper boxes.
• Box 1- Photo
• Box 2- SafeSport
• Box 3-Concussion
• Box 4-Sudden Cardiac Arrest
• If you completed SafeSport and waited 30 min. or more to submit your RMA, your might see a SafeSport Cert image in your profile already. If there is an image in the 2nd box you DO NOT need to upload the SS certificate. 

6. Click Browse
7. Click on the certificate stored on your computer
8.Once you have clicked open on your PC, you will see the information in in the Browse bar WAIT -it takes a few seconds for the image to load!!
9. Click Upload Image
10. Update your address and contact phone numbers and email address 
11.Update Drivers License or State ID information (if you only have a passport, please contact WYS)
12. Select your PRIMARY CLUB from the dropdown
*OPTIONAL-If you coach or volunteer in more than 1 club add the secondary and/or third org, you participate with.
13.Check your position in your organization
14. Answer the legal questions
15.Click save and next page
17. Confirm your signature is accurate
18. Click agree and continue
19. Click Submit Back Ground Check
20. Click submit BGC
21. Click “ok” to submit You should see at the bottom that your background check is complete, you can then close out of the screen.


Mount Vernon Youth Soccer Association
P.O. Box 932 
Mount Vernon, Washington 99273

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Email: [email protected]

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